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New coronavirus

Information on infection prevention measures

* Measures to prevent new coronavirus infection

  1. Regular ventilation and disinfection in the building

  2. Installation of disinfectant spray in the hall

  3. Staff temperature measurement and health observation

  4. Staff wearing mask

  5. We will refuse accommodation for guests over 37.5 degrees Celsius at the time of temperature measurement.


* Request for cooperation in infection control

  1. Please bring your own mask and be sure to wear it inside the building.

  2. We will measure the temperature at check-in.

  3. At check-in, we will refrain from contacting anyone other than the representative.

  4. Please wash your hands, gargle, and disinfect your hands when you enter the museum.

  5. Please keep an interpersonal distance of at least 1m in the common area of the building.

  6. The maximum number of people who can use the washroom at the same time is two.

  7. The maximum number of people who can use the kitchen at the same time is one.

  8. When using the restroom in the building, please close the lid of the toilet bowl before flushing.

  9. In the shared lounge, please avoid sitting face-to-face, eating and drinking, and do not swirl.

  10. Please disinfect your hands and table before and after meals.


* If you feel sick during your stay

If you experience any symptoms of suspected infection such as fever of 37.5 ° C or higher, dyspnea, or fatigue during your stay, please be sure to contact us at the contact information provided on the day of your stay. ennova will contact the "Returnee / Contact Counseling Center" and follow the instructions.

In addition, please be sure to wear a mask while waiting and spend time in the guest room, and you are prohibited from going out except for the shared toilet. Please note that if you are accompanied by a companion, you will be asked to take the same action.

In addition, if additional costs are incurred during that period, the customer will be responsible for it.



Please be sure to follow the staff's instructions during your stay in the hotel.

Customers who do not comply with the above will be inconvenienced by other customers, so even after check-in, we may not refund your money and you may be asked to leave at the discretion of the staff.


We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation in making your stay at ennova a wonderful memory.

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